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Sheepskin manufacture

Sheepskin manufacturing is a hundred year old tradition in Bulgaria. At Milvena, we are proud to continue this tradition and our craftsmen and craftswomen have 25 years of experience combining traditional with new technologies and materials.

The raw skins are sourced predominantly from countries on the Balkan Peninsula – Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, and also from South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom.

The two-faced suede is a natural residual product from lamb and sheep breeding and is applied in the make of coats mainly, but also accessories such as gloves and hats and footwear such as boots, slippers, booties.

We use the furry warm face of the skin as a coats lining, boots inside lining and shoes in-souls.

We always strive to produce a high quality product and there is no compromise in our choice of raw materials, chemicals, dyes, and technologies. It is of paramount importance to us that our products meet the European and World standards for quality, hygiene, health and safety.